The FINGEr Lakes - A Unique american geography

The Finger Lakes are located in the heart of New York State, about a four hour drive northwest of New York City.  There are 11 individual lakes in the region, some of which are the deepest in the United States.  The deep lake basins moderate the temperatures of the vineyards planted on their steep banks allowing vines to thrive in a protected cool microclimate ideal for Riesling.


Glacier Lakes with ideal Soil for wine Growing

All of the Finger Lakes were carved-out by the movement of massive glaciers during the last Ice Age, which left behind an incredible diversity of soil types in the region: gravels, limestone, clays, and more are strewn over a bed of shale throughout the area. 


DIVERSITY makes the blend

Empire Estate Dry Riesling is made from a variety of vineyard sites throughout the region, specifically selected to bring diverse characteristics to a wine that we ultimately feel expresses the great potential of the Finger Lakes.